Meet the owner

Hi everyone! My name is Ainhoa. I'm originally from Spain but I have been living in Liverpool for over 7 years now. 

Witchy Market started back in June 2020 whenI wanted to share some of my beliefs and love for crystals with everyone. Here you can find quirky little things made with love and beautiful, high-quality crystals.

The beginning of this business whats a real roller-coaster for me. My dad, who was always my biggest supporter, passed away when I was working on the last part of my launch and it was extremely difficult to find that bright side. However, that also gave me the strength to overcome the storm and make sure he would be proud of what I accomplish. That's why I've decided to add that picture. 

I truly hope you all enjoy our products and they bring you as much joy as they bring me while making or sourcing them. Don't forget to treat yourself.

Ps: Forever thankful to my boyfriend for always support me every step of the way, most of the time he is the man behind the camera. If you're reading this, Love you.